Monday, February 1, 2010

~ 1st yr bufday! yeay!-yeay!-yeay! ~

teroversSs excited pulak kan..mcm bufday aku..actually bufday my niece..Ameena Asyari bte Abu Hassan Asyari..wahhhh..full name lgik kan...she's now at sabah, so juz give u a time we meet kay!! sOo i wanna wish:

happy bufday 1st yr!!! yeay! yeay!
u're super duper very derr cOmeLsSsSs..
hope u always in a gud health okay!
misSs u damn much!!

daugther's to mummy naziah and bapak abu

Homemade First Birthday Cake
i give u this baby!! heheheh

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cOment2...sileee...jgn segan2..hehehe..