Friday, June 11, 2010

~ m0de sbnr: bZz ~

1st presentation for ppjct paper is da stat bz until next month..nie la akn mnentukn hidup mati ak...wahhhhhh!! (plzZz,,,jgn 0versSs khurun! ) bese la..klu neves mst oversss..hahahah!!

project paper n seminar making me sO~sO~sO~sO malas nk update blogwalking itu bnde wjib kne buat..hohoho!! still thinking of wat product i hve to create/produce for tourism attraction by doing rsearch at UPM yg sgt~amat~gilosS luas itu!!!!!

go! go! go! ain! ain! ain!


cOment2...sileee...jgn segan2..hehehe..